Share configurations

Using Scan to Configure makes sharing your home page, after barcode scan, and other settings easy to do. Saving a lot of time and preventing typos when entering a complicated website URL address.

  1. Open the Scan to Web app
  2. Tap the settings button
  3. Tap the Create Scan to Configure button
  4. Enter a name for the barcode; “Bus Drop Off” for example
  5. Your email address
  6. Tap OK

This will open a website in Safari or Chrome with the barcode. Send this link to anyone or save it as a favorite to recall later.

To load these settings on a separate device.

  1. Open the Scan to Web app
  2. Scan the barcode you created in the other device with Scan to Web
  3. The app will ask if you want to load the Bus Drop Off configuration
  4. Accept and it will load with all the settings.
  5. You are ready to go

Scan to Web
Founder and Developer of Scan to Web. I wrote my first program on an Apple ][+

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